Our core competency is retained executive search. Our Executive Search Process is a systematic, thorough, strategically driven method, which we feel distinguishes our firm form others. We employ the following to drive our review process:

Strategic Review
Position Specification
Candidate Evaluation
Client Presentation
Negotiation & Closing
Performance Evaluation


To effectively perform an executive search assignment, we start by developing a thorough understanding of our client's business including:

Company history


To accomplish the review, our partners and staff spends a considerable amount of time interviewing client personnel and reviewing company literature, plans and policies.

Upon completion of the review, our firm prepares a detailed retainer agreement for approval, ourlining our understanding of the assignment, the specific responsibilities of our firm and the client, and the terms of compensation. Typically, our clients have a well-defined organizational plan for accomplishing the long-range objectives of the business.

In this instance, we devote our efforts to understanding the client's organizational plans and policies in very specific terms.

Occasionally, our clients have questions regarding the organizational structure and type of resources (i.e. talent levels, experience) required for success. In these instances, we offer an ancillary service in developing organizational recommendations in:

Organizational Structure
Management Process
Required Experience
Future Goals And Objectives
Career Path Opportunities

Policies And Procedures
Compensation Systems
Reporting Relationships
Ideal Personal Characteristics
Position Title And Description

It is our firm's standard practice to personally interview every candidate prior to referral. Each interview allows us to gain a thorough understanding of the candidate's strengths, weakness, personality, intellect, personal motivation, management style, as well as their personal, academic and employment history.

We then submit to our clients, a complete package on at least five candidates, and strongly recommend that our clients interview all the candidates we refer on each assignment prior to making a final selection. We act as an intermediary and objective third party during this stage of client-candidate interview and debriefings.

Once selection has been made by our client, WGRL assists in the negotiation process. Our experience at this stage is critical to resolve any remaining concerns and finalizing the offer. We conduct confidential in-depth reference checks by speaking to individuals with first hand knowledge of the candidate's work history, operational style, strength and weaknesses.

Once the appointment has been made, we continue to maintain contact with both the client and candidate to ensure the new executive's smooth transition and integration into the client organization.